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23 May, 2020
Rick Wright

     Welcome to 2020! The year the world went pandemic, and we all self-isolated and stayed two meters away from everyone else if we ventured outside. Now wearing facemasks to keep our germs to ourselves!

     COVID-19 has entered our new lexicon and has affected just about everyone and everything in our country, and the world. It has also affected our Biennial General Meeting (BGM) scheduled for Peterborough in September. The Executive have been discussing various options amongst ourselves, and with the Sgt. Frank Poley Chapter Executive. My preferred option is to hold the meeting in Peterborough in September, or October, if necessary. If we cannot do either of those, we are looking into using technology to hold a cross-country (Chapters) meeting electronically "in situ". There are a couple of software platforms which are available. I have used two different platforms, and both worked extremely well. If it seems these will not work, we have also discussed three other options which may be further discussed. More on them later.

     Our "down home" members have experienced the loss of 22 innocent Nova Scotians in the murderous rampage by the RCMP imposter, the loss of 6 crew-members in the crash of HMCS Fredericton's helicopter in the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Greece on a NATO deployment, and this past few days, the search for a three-year-old who wondered away from home. Their stress levels must be astronomical! Our condolences to all the victims and their families and friends in the mourning their losses. If any of you are feeling increased stress for whatever reason, please talk to someone and try not to keep it bottled up. You will feel much better if you can confide in a buddy, a friend, your pastor, someone at VAC or CAVUNP, a mental health hotline, or whomever. But please, do not keep it inside.

     There are provinces now hoping to start the opening of business again, slowly but surely. I hope that they are successful in their restart of the economy and that they take their time to make sure that it is done safely, so as to not start a second wave of infections, and probably returning us to mid-March stance once again. Paul has advised me and the Executive that we have slightly over 500 paid-up members this year, but I am aware that due to our Chapters' meetings not being held, there are probably more members who haven't paid yet who will pay when monthly meetings return. I hope!

     Fellow Peacekeepers, I hope that you have more pleasant, free, and rewarding summer months than those we have just experience. I look forward to seeing you in Peterborough in September where we will experience the best BGM ever!

Rick Wright, CD

National President

Home Tel: 403-238-5230

Maple Leaf